About Us

We are newly established company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We provide control systems services in Bulgaria and EU. For international services please ask for a quote.

Our company is experienced in both small and large scale projects across manufacturing, chemical, water and wastewater management. We work closely with our clients to maintain open and honest communication thus to ensure the resources and equipment are delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our team can provide full-service, design, site preparation, electrical installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance and service programs for your site/plant control systems.

We continuosly invest in our people to provide our customers with the best service and technology available on the market at the time. We look forward to work with you!

Our Company Goal

Our main goal is all our customers to be fully satisfied and happy with the service provided by us. Having this happening is making us very proud and relieved from the work we doing for them although we would always try to go even further in achieving this goal. Having happy customers also means our business is operating effectively and very efficiently.

Our Commitment

Nothing represents our business more then the services we provide to our customers. We continuously improve our skills to deliver the best results and excellence for them. Customer service is major part of our culture and we trying our best to satisfy any request as good and quickly as possible. We guarantee our customers to receive a return call before the end of the business day.

Our Results

We want our results to speak for themselves. We always try to improve the things like better efficiency, bigger growth, better customer service and support. Achieving perfect results in these will make us more reliable and honest business partner for everyone. The best results comes with perseverance and patience.